About us

At UAMH, we take care of the mental health of Ukrainians. Through psychoeducation, we encourage Ukrainians to take care of their emotional and mental health and to reach out to a psychologist if they feel any discomfort.

The foundation team

Olga Yudina

Founding Director

Anna Vashchuk

MHPSS Manager

Iryna Pikhovych

MHPSS Coordinator

Tetiana Samoilichenko

MHPSS Coordinator

Yuliia Sinchalova

Marketing Manager

Mental health professionals

Our specialists are representatives of the following psychotherapeutic schools:
cognitive behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, psychodynamic therapy, positive psychology and others. We practice an integrative approach – we combine different therapy methods depending on individual needs.

Each specialist who wants to join the organization must provide proof of their qualifications (higher education diplomas, the passing, and graduating of certain schools of psychotherapy, additional courses, etc.) as well as passing an interview process.