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UA Mental Help

There is not a single Ukrainian whom the war hasn’t affected.
But it is important to remember: after the darkest night, morning always comes.
And even in the most difficult times, there are those who will come to your aid.

The mission of UAMH

We fight for the mental health of our nation, we strive to teach Ukrainians to listen to themselves and not be afraid to reach out to psychologists if they need support.

Areas of activities

Mental help

Mental health and psychosocial support for Ukrainians. We work with the civilian population, we help both adults and children.


Through psychoeducation, we encourage Ukrainians to take care of their emotional and mental health and to consult a psychologist if they feel discomfort.


We are building a community of caring people in Ukraine, where one can meet like-minded people and get social support.

Transforming lives: UAMH impact in 2023



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How to get mental help?


You leave a request in the form


The coordinator processes your request


You get consultations

Our partners

Every partner we work with, big or small, helps us work towards the improvement of the mental health of Ukrainians. We are very grateful for their support. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we are doing.