Psychological help for Ukrainans

Even during the war, one must continue to live fully. Nervous system disorders, panic attacks, anxiety, and apathy are the body’s natural responses to stress. It puts life on hold and morally paralyzes.

Do not wait for the end of the war, find a way out now

If you feel that you have lost control over your own life, it is on hold, and you cannot move on, seek help. Fill out the form, and we will select the mental health professional who best suits your request.

How does it work?


You leave a request in the form


The coordinator processes your request


You get consultations

Rules for providing consultations

Who can get help?

We work with adults and children. If the person who needs help is under 18, before the consultation, he/she will be asked for permission from parents or guardians.

Because of the situation in the country, war-related requests are a top priority. All other requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Consultation format

The consultation lasts 50 minutes and is held via Google Meet. Before the beginning of the consultation, we advise you to install a corresponding app on your mobile device.

Number of consultations

We offer free psychological assistance to vulnerable population groups. Beneficiaries of the UA Mental Help foundation can receive 10 consultations if needed.

What requests do we work with?

Relationships, break-ups, difficulties with adaptation in a new place, depressive and anxiety spectrum, psychological traumas, experiences of grief, loss, insomnia, etc.

I feel bad but I can’t clearly put my request into words

If you feel bad but cannot understand the reason, it also may be your request. A specialist can help you find the answers.

Mental health professionals

Our specialists are representatives of the following schools of psychotherapy: cognitive behavioral therapy, Gestalt therapy, psychodynamic therapy, positive psychology, etc. We practice an integrative approach – we combine different therapy methods depending on the request. So you can fill out the form, describe your request in detail, and we will choose a specialist you can trust. 

UAMH specialists have diplomas of higher education in the field of psychology, 2 or more years of work experience (including supervision), additional education in one of the scientifically proven schools of psychotherapy, and pass an obligatory interview before starting to work with the platform.

Change of mental health professional

If the topic of the request suddenly goes beyond the competence of the specialist, you will be redirected to another specialist of the platform.

If for some reason you want to change the specialist, just write about it to [email protected] and our coordinators will process your request.

Being late, cancellation, and rescheduling the consultation

If the therapy participant is late for 20+ minutes, the specialist has the right to cancel the consultation. Such a consultation will be considered missed, but you can schedule the next one.

To reschedule or cancel a consultation, please notify the specialist at least 24 hours before the start of the consultation. If a therapy participant skips a consultation without notice, the specialist has the right to refuse further consultation.

UA Mental Help — is not quick psychological help

Work schedule of the psychological service:

MON – FRI: 9:00 – 19:00

SAT – SUN: days off

On receiving the application, the specialist will contact you within 5 business days.

If you need urgent psychological help in a tough or life-threatening situation, call the hotline of any of the following organizations:

15-47 — is a 24-hour hotline for victims of domestic violence.
7333 — is a 24-hour hotline Lifeline Ukraine aimed at suicide prevention.
0 800 213 103 — is a 24-hour hotline for free legal assistance.
@krisenchatUA_bot — from krisenchat provides psychological help in the format of an online chat in Telegram.